Pure Consciousness

Vox Mod
Pure Consciousness

1_ Sonic Psychopomp
2_ A Whisper In My Ghost feat. Irene Barbaric
3_ DeathMagicTruth
4_ Dream Step feat. Fey Moth
5_ As Above, So Below
6_ Through The Eye Of Goddess
7_ Embrace Your Shadow feat. Daniel G. Harmann
8_ Human Transmutation
9_ Pure Consciousness

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Created and produced by Vox Mod, releasing June 15, 2016

Songs co-created with
1 - Kyle Michael Porter (synth programming) - unsoundamerica.com
2 - Irene Barbaric (lyrics/vocals, programming)
4 - Fey Moth (lyrics/vocals, programming) - feymoth.com
6 - Erik Blood (synth programming)
7 - Daniel G. Harmann (lyrics/vocals) - hellotower.com
8 - Special vocals by Jackie Porter and Kyle Michael Porter

Co-produced and mixed by Erik Blood at Purple Pyramid Sound Placement Facility

Mastered by Adam Straney at BreakPoint Mastering

Much love and thanks to Wing, JaJo, Pam, Shifty, the Porters, and the dreamers

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Consciousness Animations: youtu.be/YAKRejXp7PA
Sonic Psychopomp Music Video youtu.be/JY9lmwzLezA
Live Performance at Sasquatch Music Festival 2015 youtu.be/HVigFQW75_8
Exploring Tokyo and Myanmar 2015 youtu.be/g4cC95CXero
Flight Of Fancy featuring Irene Barbaric Music Video youtu.be/qlrxjI7Wzhs
Live Performance at Iceland Airwaves 2014 youtu.be/gnt49nlLEhA
Iridescent Asteroid Mists featuring Palaceer Lazaro Music Video vimeo.com/61490083
Live Performance on Art Zone with Nancy Guppy youtu.be/wZDtk6SYq9g
Tessellations featuring Miss Adra Boo Music Video youtu.be/I--pjFkEROQ
Life Forms featuring Irene Barbaric Music Video youtu.be/hAcra02fBvc
Illumina Incarna Music Video youtu.be/VfY1Y0Lfn8o
Live Performance on KEXP youtu.be/48JzRS_zC2k
SYN-ÆSTHETIC Album Teaser youtu.be/_emPjsvAnpQ
Unsound America's Vox Mod Playlist youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDD2E6B12F79D8411


Photo by Amber Zbitnoff Photography at Sasquatch 2015 amberzbitnoff.com