This is the official site of Seattle-based electronic musician Scot Porter aka Vox Mod.

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voicechanger [at] 

The most current of the following info will now be updated via the 'Shows' page.

Artists Vox Mod/Voicechanger has performed with (2013 and earlier): 

Back From Hiatus, Slutty Hearts, I Will Keep Your Ghost, Jagwar Ma, Campfire OK, Sin Fang, Borko, Hermigervill, Kaylee Cole, Kithkin, Neon Indian, Big Black Delta, Teen Daze, Moderat, Half Kingdom, Iska Dhaaf, Uh Oh Eskimo, Lusine, Natasha Kmeto, Tilson XOXO, Ravenna Woods, The New Trust, Eighteen Individual Eyes, CX Kidtronik, Alex Ruder aka DJ D'Nelski, Kairos, Cabana, DJ Swamp, Aarta, Derrick Deepvibez, Gold Wolf Galaxy, DJ Riz, Orquestra Pacifico Tropical, Los Estupidos, I VII I IX, Daethstar, Denley, The Redwood Plan, Chaos Chaos, Head Like A Kite, Champagne Champagne, Dyme Def, Don't Talk To The Cops, The Soft Moon, Group Rhoda, Brent Amaker and the Rodeo, Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, Arktic, Olav, Gardens + Villa, IG88, Weapons of Mass Destruction, The Break Up, Absolute Madman, DJAO, Al Nightlong, Introcut, Ononos, Showbot, Spekulation, Todd Sykes, Arthur Ross, Zeta Barber, Grimeshine, Wizdumb, Nice Nate, Macros, Daxotronic (Diogenes), Zephyrs, Lisa Dank, Glitterbang, Chocolate Chuck, Terabyte and the Battery Eaters, Plaid, Copy, Big Spider's Back, USF, Brain Fruit, WD4D, Suttikeeree, Specs Wizard, Metal Chocolates, The Fascination Movement, Future Islands, Randolph, DJ Sharlese, DJ Sho-Nuph, Heaters, LexiconDon, Crypts, Nightmare Fortress, Gems, Umber Sleeping, A Cedar Suede, OC Notes, Lazer Kitty, The Colour Project, DJ Verse, Scratchmaster Joe, Agreeable Horrors, Sports, James + Evander, Mindbeam Digidub, DJ Fnominon, 16-Bit Villain, Fighter X, Leeni, Analog Destroyer, The Night Beats, Martingale, Scramblesuit, Silverteeth, Black Nite Crash, DJ Andrew Luck, C-Leb and A-Bro, 5H1F7Y, Jamie Lidell, Janelle Monae, Ship to Ship, The Ever Changing Sky, Spyn Reset, Goldie Wilson, Jerry Peerson, Diego's Umbrella, Trombone Cake, Intisaar, The Organized Sound Project, Disjointed Isotopes, Electrosect, Theory in Motion, Mono in VCF, Black Tie Dynasty, Wesafari, Tourist 

Venues Vox Mod has performed at (all Seattle unless noted):

Bob's Java Jive (Tacoma), Kroakers (Everett), Neptune Theater, Mural Amphitheater at Seattle Center, Pianos (NYC), Black Lodge, Arabica, Vermillion, Holocene (Portland), The Airliner (Los Angeles), Cafe du Nord (San Francisco), Red Room Lounge (Spokane), The Triple Door, Evergreen State College (Olympia), Lucky Bar (Victoria, BC), Mars Bar, Barboza, LoFi, The In, The Wildrose, Neumos, Nectar, The White Rabbit, The Crocodile, Electric Tea Garden, Cha Cha, Rendezvous, The Living Room, Ballard Mine, Chapeau Rouge (Prague), Motor, Sunset Tavern, The High Dive, Chop Suey, Showbox at the Market, Trabant Chai Lounge, Sureshot Cafe, Skylark Cafe, The Comet Tavern, The Funhouse, Murphy's Pub, The Musicquarium at the Triple Door, The Grotto in the Rendezvous, The Nectar Lounge, Consolidated Works (RIP) 

Music projects/people Scot Porter has worked with:

Brandon Simmons, Emerald Strata, P Smoov, Brent Amaker - Android Amaker, Whitney Lyman, Jenni Potts, Miss Adra Boo, Emily Pothast, Alisha Roney, Commissioned car commercial demo song for Sizzer (Amsterdam,, IG88, Tilson XOXO, Christian Petersen, Amy O'Neal, Ben Van Citters, Do Yon Kim, Aaron Bierling, Trent Moorman, Jahcoozi/Sasha Perera, Irene Barber, Erik Blood, Ishmael Butler, John Rafter Lee, Anna Marie, Rik Rude, OCnotes, Alicia Amiri, Nick Bartoletti, Amber Giacone, White China Gold, computereyes, Sports, Brother Williams, SalvoPhonics, Lazer Kitty, Wild Orchid Children, Control Keys, Ambiguous Brown, Exohxo, King Street Mission, Ron Lipke, Kyle Porter, Unsound America, Science is Boring, Apologies, S + K, 5H1F7Y, Nazca Lines, The Organized Sound Project, Voicechanger, Wunderbugg, Ballroom Integrity + Grace aka Dynamic Entry Tool (semifinalist in the EMP's 2006 SoundOff Competition), Dubbed Documentary OST