"Vox Mod is an electronic music project that is an exploratory quest for enlightenment through sound and ideas. It is both a solo project and a collaborative effort. Vox Mod is mind bending and expansive, metaphysical and ephemeral. It is meditative and playful, contemplative and frivolous."
-Brooklyn Benjestorf, Seattle Peach


"One of the few local artists who has made science fiction that is not reflexive and actually looks forward is Vox Mod. This producer/musician/futurist has released five LPs/EPs under his name, is the drummer in the space-rock band Lazer Kitty, and recently collaborated with RA Scion on Shaper Tool; Bigger Weapon. He is about the production of a science fiction that is on the horizon of our point in time. Meaning, he is not a collector of the retro future, he is about the future of our city space and the future of our outer space—planets, starships, astronauts, and glittering rings of Saturn. He makes music with the design of transporting us to a civilization that has the technology to colonize the moons of Jupiter. In his music, we feel the blazing trail of a comet passing a spaceship, we enter a gas cloud that's a nursery for newborn stars, or we see the sunset on an urbanscape that has no end and no beginning, and from parts of which dark rockets are regularly launched into the thinning twilight. Vox Mod's music is big, bold, vast, and fearless. Are these not the noble attributes of a race of humans who have left the familiar and ancient rhythms of the spinning planet, the seasons, the orbit of our star for the great unknown?"

-Charles Mudede, The Stranger

"Once, outwardly considering such metaphysical questions might have been stereotypical fodder for the likes of hippies and Carl Sagan (co-writer of the show’s precursor, Cosmos: A Personal Voyage), but lately the nation at large appears more interested in these questions. What does it mean to be a tiny human in such a massive universe? What really makes up you and me? How do we transcend it all? Enter local electronic musician and animator Vox Mod, born Scot Porter, Seattle’s musical answer to the likes of Tyson and Sagan."

-Kelton Sears, Seattle Weekly

 "'I'm very interested in the idea of mind expansion,' Vox Mod says, 'I really want to evolve—just as a human being. I'm interested in that next level of consciousness.'

-Seattle Weekly

The Great Oscillator is a lush, expansive collection of electronic pop. Porter seems to be going for structured songcraft as much as he is complex, textured soundscaping. While many of the pieces are danceable, this record’s not really about tracky club music, but rather refined compositions in which you can luxuriate in the comfort of your home, or to which you can elegantly sway in a discotheque. Some of the most interesting cuts are the shorter, Boards of Canada-like interludes, where Porter explores less glossy tonalities. Gleaming with an interstellar, escapist aura, The Great Oscillator has potential to cross over into the pop sphere and maybe even garner commercial radio play, but it also keeps a well-toned leg in the rhythmically tougher and convoluted world of IDM."
-Dave Segal, The Stranger

"Vox Mod, aka Seattle native Scot Porter, has been dropping a succession of sleek, futureshocked hip-hop collections – including the excellently titled Selected Transient Works 04-09 – on his Bandcamp for a little while now. A full-length proper, SYN-AESTHETIC, is due later this year, and will feature turns from THEESatisfaction associate Erik Blood and Robot Koch’s Jahcoozi outfit.

The big sell, though, is a spot from Shabazz Palaces lynchpin Palaceer Lazaro, aka former Digable Planet member Ishmael Butler. ‘Iridescent Asteroid Mists’ is much more lustrous than the prickly hip-hop turned out by Shabazz Palaces on Of Light or Black Up. Gleaming synth textures are the order of the day, although, like a stone gathering moss, the track accumulates static as it rolls on. By the closing seconds, you’re almost in Odd Nosdam territory – and that’s a place we’re always happy to find ourselves."
-Fact Magazine

Vox Mod is one of the most enticing up and coming Seattle acts recently, and it’s fun to finally get to see him play his hometown’s own electronic music festival. Porter’s electronic vibes cover a lot of euphonic ground, but it all ties back to a brilliant neurosis, almost like a musical mapping of the erratic thoughts of the brain. From the bass heavy pop magic of “Quenched Consciousness” to the bright xylophonic jam of “Ecophony Infinitum”, Porter’s spacey beats kept the crowd’s growth rate pretty steady. I’d say Vox Mod’s inaugural Decibel set was a debut well executed."

-Gerrit Feenstra, KEXP Blog

"Scot Porter meticulously hand-drew, frame by frame, the animation for his music video “Iridescent Asteroid Mists.” By laying a piece of transparent acrylic between his legs and turning on a desk lamp, he carefully traced and redrew the fractal shapes that populate the remarkable video, full of cosmic choreography and strange geometry. Choosing to do this rather than use computer-powered animation shortcuts is emblematic of the singular kind of electronica Porter has been making under the name Vox Mod. In a genre populated by mechanistic beats and robotic tones, Vox Mod’s music sounds like organic chemistry. His recent LP, SYN-ÆSTHETIC, is full of bio-rhythmic pulses and warbles that might soundtrack the coolest science-class video on cellular evolutionary theory. Performing live, he pushes harder to connect than his laptop-gazing peers do, headbanging more than most rock groups. While his album drops references to the early-’90s dystopian cartoon Aeon Flux, Vox Mod’s music sounds more like a bioluminescent Utopian future."

-Kelton Sears, Seattle Weekly

"Vox Mod’s ascent through Seattle’s musical ecosystem has been as thrilling as his densely detailed electronic symphonies. All of Vox’s rigorous research and development have culminated in his riveting new album, SYN-ÆSTHETIC. Collaborating with Palaceer Lazaro (Shabazz Palaces), Irene Barbaric (Eighteen Individual Eyes), Erik Blood, and others, Vox Mod (Scot Porter) has crafted a varied, organic-sounding collection of outward-bound songs that ingeniously commingle hiphop and techno tropes. These compositions sprawl elegantly into silky vastness, all stellar melodies and sleek propulsion."

-Dave Segal, The Stranger

"While space may be the final frontier, the cosmos also appear to be the creative studio of electronic producer Scot Porter, a.k.a. Vox Mod. On the full-length, SYN-ÆSTHETIC, Vox Mod’s galactic production and otherworldly synths hover over beats launched from sci-fi sequencers transporting listeners on a sonic joyride."

-David Einmo, KEXP Blog
(full review here: www.blog.kexp.org/2013/03/29/album-review-vox-mod-syn-aesthetic)

SYN-ÆSTHETIC could double as the soundtrack to satellites soaring through the cosmos, with its collection of lush compositions—soft swells and high-pitched electro-chirping. It’s easy to go into a trance when listening to tracks like “Prismatic” and “Quenched Consciousness.” While Vod Mox can create stunning sonic universes on his own, the album’s diversity comes from the variety of guest performances by Seattle hip-hop and indie-rock artists. Budget cuts at NASA may mean we’re sending fewer people into space, but SYN-ÆSTHETIC offers listeners a much cheaper alternative to get lost in the great beyond."

-Seth Sommerfeld, Seattle Metropolitan Magazine

"The adventure unfolds as the album begins: adrift, floating in zero G. Outer space tinkles excitedly in the background, anticipating the journey to come. The flame distorted bass of stabilizer jets blast and correct to maneuver the listening passengers. The pilot, Palaceer Lazaro, begins. His hands glide over the controls and they begin to glow, their light and synthetic hum fading in and out in anticipation of being pressed. Visible light stretches, blurs, and streaks. The ship goes into warp speed. The wonders of the universe slowly float by the window. Palaceer describes celestial visions in aid of our synesthesia – a term the album title borrows that describes one sense (such as sight) reacting involuntarily to the stimulus of another sense (such as sound)."

-Korbin Bennett-Gold, Seattle Peach

Syn-Aesthetic is an ambitious record, a definitive culmination of Porter’s influences and obsessions up until this point. And while the breadth of this album may be daunting, not once on the album does Porter seem to outpace his own creativity. There’s a compassion for the listener, a consideration for his audience that makes the journey all that much more pleasant."

-Allen Huang, SSG Music
(full review here: www.ssgmusic.com/vox-mod-syn-aesthetic)

"For those who do not know, Vox Mod is a local producer who makes sometimes fiery, sometimes beautiful, sometimes strange electronic beats."

-Charles Mudede, The Stranger
(full review here: www.lineout.thestranger.com/lineout/archives/2013/01/12/vox-mods-best-kept-secret)

The breakout release from prolific local musician/producer Scot Porter (aka Vox Mod) is a stellar effort that displays his singular driving, synth-heavy, space-bound production style with a knockout cast of contributing vocalists."

-Alex Ruder, KEXP
(full review here: www.kexp.org/reviews/albumreview.aspx?reviewid=4714)

"The Vox Mod fingerprint is forensic: Synth-inlaid tracks with sympathetic nervous systems are deposited on polar caps as wave-file test-tube monoliths, which he slices through driving an icebreaker."

-Trent Moorman, The Stranger
(full interview here: www.thestranger.com/seattle/sound-check/Content?oid=14206732)

Interview with Hammarica.com:

SYN-ÆSTHETIC Album Teaser mention in Line Out: www.lineout.thestranger.com/lineout/archives/2012/12/31/vox-mod-in-2013-syn-sthetic

"There is no way of telling when he might return to his own time. I believe he may be collecting specimens, or looking for artifacts.  But while he is here, we are lucky to enjoy the audio and visual
expression of VOX MOD."
-Brent Amaker,
Brent Amaker and the Rodeo
(full preview here
: www.brentamaker.com/post/35519766621/i-am-fascinated-with-science-fiction-i-also)

Humanoid is their (unauthorized) tribute to the artist who died earlier this year. It soars with cinematic feel, evincing the extra terrestrial vision Giraud executed so vividly in his oil paintings and illustrations. Vox Mod has hinted to the influence in his earlier works, naming a track "Moebius" on his 2011 work HAZMAT, but the effect is fully realized here in a six chapter series of songs that breath a soundtrack into Jean Giraud's work."

-Sean Jewell, The Stranger
(full review here: www.lineout.thestranger.com/lineout/archives/2012/12/24/moebius-humanoid)

"'Hologram Ghost' is spooky funk. 'Queue (Please Wait)' is cinema for a spaceship. 'Let Go' is jazz for robots. 'Collapse' transports us to the horizon of a massive galactic event. There's lots to enjoy and admire in this work."

-Charles Mudede, The Stranger
(full review here: www.lineout.thestranger.com/lineout/archives/2012/11/15/the-ghost-in-the-future-is-vox-mod)

"The look back rings forward with icy momentum. It looks out, from some form of anime craft getting toward, vectored, heading at crisscrossed horizon lines."

-Trent Moorman, The Stranger
(full interview here: www.lineout.thestranger.com/lineout/archives/2012/11/13/vox-mod-capsule-transient-works)

"The crowd grew exponentially as Porter's music drew them to the dance floor, engaging them with frenetic beats and supercharged bass, strong enough to make anyone feel like they were having an inner chest massage."

-Victoria Holt, Live Music Blog
(full review here: www.livemusicblog.com/2012/09/14/concert-recap-future-islands-gardens-villa-vox-mod-neumos-seattle-9812)

"The interstellar techno of Vox Mod—a favorite of the astute Stranger columnist Trent Moorman—keeps getting better, more complex, and out-there."

-Dave Segal, The Stranger
(full preview here: www.thestranger.com/seattle/data-breaker/Content?oid=15029638)

"Taking the trip down into the cool recesses of the dark cavern that is the Cha Cha Lounge is transformative and psychedelic as is, which made it a perfect venue for the live electro music of Vox Mod Friday evening."

-Sean Jewell, The Stranger
(full review here: www.lineout.thestranger.com/lineout/archives/2012/07/21/vox-mod-hair-apparent-to-the-electro-throne)

"...With his washed out synth jams, you find yourself not in a frenzy, not in a deep trance, but in some unknown state of mind in between."

-Allen Huang, SSG Music
(full review here: www.ssgmusic.com/capitol-hill-block-party-2012-crypts-needs-images)

"I can no more explain the existence of alternate universes than I can explain the simply beautiful, dense layers, of future electro noise Vox Mod makes..."

-The unProfessional
(full preview here: www.proanti.tumblr.com/post/27624741135/capitol-hill-block-preview-vox-mod-fri-645pm-cha
full review here: www.proanti.tumblr.com/post/27689407787/capitol-hill-block-post-mortem-friday)

"What he profoundly understands, and what other producers of this kind of music often fail to remember, is that futurist electro (Mod is much more electro than electronica) must sound like it's from another world or create the sense of being in another world."

-Charles Mudede, The Stranger
(full mention here: www.thestranger.com/seattle/block-party-2012-the-bands/Content?oid=14206678)

"Epic soundscapery formed the backbone of his tracks that would be a fitting soundtrack to watching 300 years worth of time-lapsed sunrises over mountains in a couple of minutes. Vox Mod ended his set in a wall of bass that made our eyeballs vibrate."
-Dan Digs, City Arts
(full review here: www.cityartsonline.com/blog/2011/10/city-arts-fest-day-2-usf-big-spiders-back-vox-mod)

"It’s an interesting listen because Vox Mod interrupts scenic ambience with high-pitched sounds throughout. The multi-layered result is something gorgeous and jarring at the same time."

-Chris Burlingame, Another Rainy Saturday
(full preview here: www.anotherrainysaturday.com/2012/07/chbp-preview-vox-mod)

Really loving Vox Mod's 'Garden and Cosmos.' The whole EP is excellent. Download it."

-Charles Mudede, The Stranger
(in regards to the EP, 'ABSTRACT,' full mention here: www.lineout.thestranger.com/lineout/archives/2012/07/03/digging-vox-mod-ep)

"Seattle electronic musician Vox Mod (aka Scot Porter) was set to play Portland's Holocene last night, but found himself also snowed in. He decided to do the show anyway, remotely, via streaming his set to ustream and having the guys down at Holocene run him into the sound system and project him onto the wall."
-Eric Grandy, Seattle Weekly
(full review here: www.blogs.seattleweekly.com/reverb/2012/01/i_saw_vox_mod_play_portlands_h.php)

"Complex beat circuitry rerouting your brainial neurons with fractal percussion and chemical synths. Side effects include nodding your head a lot."

-Dan Digs, City Arts / Neon Milk
(full mention here: www.neonmilk.wordpress.com/2012/07/03/vox-mod-embers-and-snow-free-download)

"...glistening loops occasionally taking an aggro bent, entirely vocal-less but with a warmer feel than is typical of instrumental electronica."

-JOEYMC, DList Magazine
(full review here: www.dlistmagazine.com/seattle/re-inventions-and-re-workings-at-city-arts-fest)

Interview with Eric Grandy, "What Mainstream Artists First Exposed You To Electronic Music?": www.blogs.seattleweekly.com/reverb/2012/06/more_edm_what_mainstream_artis.php
"HAZMAT may not be a physical mountain, but the shear enormity of noise, layers, ingenuity and complexity Vox Mod reaches on each track is astounding." 
-Elizabeth Walker, www.indieshuffle.com
(full review here: www.indieshuffle.com/vox-mod-hazmat)

Vox Mod consistently plays with chaos, placing high electronic pitches on top of slow deep pulses.  The contrasting juxtaposition of these tones and rhythms interestingly evokes visceral uncertainty."
-Bertie Magit, SSG Music
(full review here: www.ssgmusic.com/seattle-shout-out-vox-mod)

"Vox Mod
 served as a last-minute replacement, and impressed with a tight set and overwhelming enthusiasm. Local video artist Do Yon Kim provided some visual stimulation to go along with Vox Mod’s bass heavy set."

-Allen Huang, SSG Music
(full review here: www.ssgmusic.com/city-arts-fest-review-usf-big-spiders-back)

"Vox Mod is Seattle Native Scot Porter who plays the drums for SPORTS and a few hundred other bands. This stuff is pretty glitchy, trancy, and hypnotic. I think it's rad."

-Blair Anderson, Seattle in Hi Def
(full review here: www.seainhd.com/2011/08/vox-mod.html)